• WP Resize Me

    WP Resize Me

    This is an incredibly simple WordPress plugin that adds a “Resize Me” graphic to the bottom […]

  • Gabler & Flanigan Dentistry

    Gabler & Flanigan Dentistry

    As a new dentist, Dr. Flanigan realizes the benefits of having an online presence, even for […]

  • MobileChief

    MobileChief is the best way to create Mobile Micro-Sites using WordPress. It’s a plugin I created […]

  • PluginChief


    PluginChief is a site dedicated to providing a variety of premium WordPress plugins and stellar support […]

  • JCC Ranch Camp

    JCC Ranch Camp

    During my time working as web developer at the Denver JCC, the summer camp required a […]

  • The Jewish Experience

    The Jewish Experience

    The Jewish Experience needed a way to connect with their community and show off events, post […]

  • WP AnythingSlider

    WP AnythingSlider

    The WP AnythingSlider was a premium WordPress slideshow plugin I crafted around the popular jQuery AnythingSlider. […]

  • Quincy’s Tavern

    Quincy’s Tavern

    Quincy’s Tavern is a steakhouse with 3 locations in Colorado mountain towns. With no web presence, […]

  • Visioniz


    Visioniz was built using WordPress as a CMS and some jQuery magic. The intent of the […]

  • QRlicious.com


    QRlicious.com is the worlds most popular custom QR Code website, producing more custom QR Codes than […]

  • Infolicious.co


    Infolicious.co is a subsidiary of Visioniz and is a dedicated to providing customized infographics at an […]

  • GHP Investment Advisors

    GHP Investment Advisors

    After working with Brian at Israel Investment Advisors, he came straight to me for some basic […]

  • Israel Investment Advisors

    Israel Investment Advisors

    Israel Investment Advisors needed a website to get the word out about the new venture and […]