Jason with Andrew and Blake
Me with my sons

My name is Jason Bahl

I’m a problem solver with a specialty in WordPress.

I’m a Christ follower and I’ve been married to my beautiful wife Rachel since 2008 and we have 2 amazing sons.

I’ve been developing websites as a hobby since 2000. In 2009 I discovered WordPress and decided to try and make a career out of web development. I fell in love with WordPress and its community and I’ve been able to work full time as a WordPress developer since January 2010.

I’ve built more than 100 WordPress plugins and more than 50 custom WordPress themes and have contributed to hundreds of existing projects (client and open source) built on or relating to WordPress.

I have equal experience with front end (HTML, CSS, SASS/LESS, Backbone, jQuery) and back-end (PHP, MySQL) development. I’ve worked as a solo developer and in teams and I thrive in both environments.

I view WordPress as a platform which can power anything. I’ve never viewed it as “just a blog” and I’ll always look for new and exciting ways to use WordPress.

I believe Open Source software is changing the world, and WordPress is a big part of that. I’m happy to be part of the WordPress community and love to give back what I can.