REST2DDP for Meteor

This past weekend I participated in a global distributed Meteor hackathon. I’m pretty new to developing with Meteor, so I didn’t expect to build anything crazy myself, but it was cool to see the submissions from across the world come in.

As I was browsing YouTube to see what submissions were coming in, I came across a video about REST2DDP from the folks at OK Grow.

This app allows you to enter a REST Endpoint URL and it converts it into a live DDP stream for use in a Meteor app. Pretty cool if you’re familiar with DDP, and extremely useful. I’ve seen a lot of folks in the Meteor community looking for similar solutions, so it’s exciting to see something like this come out of the hackathon.

I’ve been tinkering with connecting Meteor to WordPress via the new WP-API, and this tool might make that a bit easier.

Details of REST2DDP can be found here, and it’s also on GitHub.

It turns out that I wasn’t the only person who thought the app was cool, as it won the hackathon! Congrats to the folks at OK Grow who put it together.

Posted by Jason Bahl

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